Good Times

Season 1


Studio Moshi is the animation studio behind Sony Pictures Television and Netflix's GOOD TIMES.

We were fortunate enough to perform all animation-related production activities across pre and production employing both our LA and Australian crews.  We also leant a hand with Assistant Direction working directly with Sony series director, Tyree Dillalhay.

The series showrunner Ranada Shephard has boldly brought the Evans Family back to Apartment 17C in this animated reboot of Norman Lear's beloved sitcom that pushes boundaries and provokes discourse for a new generation.

Executive Produced by Stephen Curry, Norman Lear, and Seth MacFarlane. 


Pre, Production - All Animation
All Animation and Production Services for Good Times were performed by Studio Moshi Animation.

Executive Producer
Assistant Direction
Supervising Animation Direction
Animation Direction
Character Design
World Design
CGI Builds
Build & Rigging
Technical Layout
Background Ink & Paint
Hand-drawn Animation
Hybrid Animation
Hand-Drawn FX
CGI Animation
VFX & Compositing