Studio Moshi has driven significant advancements in the development of the virtual studio platform, Rapid Ramp Platform (RRP), which we've been operating as our central digital workspace for almost four years. 

Our RRP is all about global collaboration connecting showrunners, producers, and artists within a seamless digital environment operating as a single studio across multiple territories.

As a creative-first studio, our RRP allows us to be truly borderless when it comes to creativity.  Serving as the single source of truth for each and every production, our RRP provides enhanced production efficiency for artists, tracking and visibility for production teams, alongside seamless digital delivery.

Our platform is built on our experience in original co-productions and it is a combination of rock solid cloud technology, hybrid virtualisation, and battle-tested infrastructure all housed on a blue chip backbone within a main data centre in Australia, making it highly adaptable and scalable.

One of the key features of our Rapid Ramp Platform is the real-time synchronisation of data. Our artists work directly on their files within our virtual system which supports data synchronisation across a myriad of hybrid infrastructures.

It's clever! With software-defined storage, our file system is accessible nationally (within Australia) and globally. So, Rapid Ramp means exactly that -- we can connect and on-board the best-of-breed talent from any location, across hybrid infrastructures, at break-neck speed AND our project ramp time is second to none.

Our virtual studio environment, being cloud-based, quickly and easily extends our services to new regions and client locations.  We're also able to connect to like-minded data facilities in major global locations to limit latency and streamline performance.

Wrapped in a security blanket, we use multi-layered authentication with recognised industry grade tools to ensure a secure environment for our clients, collaborators, and commercial partners.

Studio Moshi's virtual studio model delivers global collaboration and access to new voices in our content creation in an efficient and cost-effective manner!