Founded in 2005, Studio Moshi is a full-service animation studio that has best-of-breed creative and production teams at the centre of its studio. 

We have a small footprint in LA and a large Ugg boot in Australia, with a studio full of directors, artists, animators, editors, producers, and production managers - all with oodles of experience and talent! 



Our bespoke workflow approach puts the artistic vision at the centre of every production decision when we develop and produce quality content in a timely, cost-efficient, and scalable manner.

We collaborate with international talent, working with the best-of-breed showrunners, directors, executive producers, AND we bring our love of hand-drawn craft and storytelling to all that we do, from pre-production to animation production and post, and original content.


Tax Credits

Studio Moshi’s headquarters is based in the State of Victoria, and we have the ability to access Federal and State of Victoria Tax credits and incentives up to 45% Net of spend in Australia, some of the most competitive globally, alongside our very favourable foreign exchange rate.


Our studio model serves a 120 seat animation studio that can expand rapidly to 200 seats and supports highly skilled directors, storyboard artists, editors, 2D animation, CG models and animation, backgrounds and props, and character and art design teams. All easily connected to your team anywhere in the world via our virtual studio Rapid Ramp Platform.

We have a proven creative workflow for projects of any scale, admiration for all genres, and a keen eye for comedy and our experienced approach allows us to take big creative swings and work with partners who like doing the same. 

Diverse & Inclusive.
Gender Parity Initiative
since 2017.

Gender equity and diversity is something that we hold strongly in our studio’s ethos. We strive for gender parity on every production in all departments, providing mentor programs for women to further their careers in leadership roles.

Our crew brings together highly skilled individuals from distinct and unique backgrounds which strengthens our creative capacity while nurturing a balanced workplace. Diversity (in all areas) supports our mission to providing great opportunities and new pathways for people of all ages and backgrounds with our crew age range varying from 24yo – 50+ and an average of 32yo.