The Guardian of Galaxy:

Holiday Special



We're beyond excited to be a small part of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special team!

We took-on the 2D animation of the credits scenes that bookend with flashbacks. To achieve that iconic Ralph Bakshi, we used rotoscoping using hand-drawn techniques and some of our super hero talent!

The Guaradians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is available to stream on Disney+


Rotoscope Animation Tasks
Rough Pass Animation
Tie-down Animation

Full Credits

EP & Production Crew
Executive in Charge of Production Andrew Davies
Business Affairs Julia Adams
Line Producer Erika  Z. Tucker
Production Controller Madisson Everitt
Financial Controller Ian Nunn
Animation Director Christien Clegg

Technical Director Kathryn Parker
Technical Supervisor Dani Kerr
Lead Technical Operations Engineer Andrei Nadin

Animation Crew
Builds and Rigging Co-Ordinator Juan Chacon-Olier

Animators Adam Gillespie, Canaan Mednelsohn, Jason Prentice, Katherine Sarpi, Asteria Setiono, Ashley Young