Monster Beach

Season 1

Cartoon Network


MONSTER BEACH follows the frightfully funny adventures of surf-siblings Jan and Dean. Enjoying an endless summer vacation, they have a monster good time on the island of Iki-Iki hanging out with their laid-back uncle and a bunch of mischievous, thrill-seeking monsters. Together with their new fiendish friends, they cruise around in hopped-up hot-rods, unravel mysteries of a local surf legend, and prevent the bad guys from ruining their fun. Monster Beach is much more fun than your typical tropical getaway. After all, life's a real adventure when your friends are misfit monsters.



Animation Production
Executive Head of Production
Supervising Producer
Assistant Direction
Edit (Animatic)
Character Design
World Design
Build & Rigging
Technical Layout
BG Ink & Paint
Hand-Drawn FX
Edit (Final Picture)